A Few Flower Care Tips You May or May not Know


You can help make your freshly cut flowers last longer with a little TLC.

If you are buying from a market or your florist has not cut the stems at an angle, you will want to do that at the start. When cutting the stems, cut at an angle and preferable use a non serrated knife to avoid smashing the end of the stems.  Also, remove any leaves that will be below the water line.  This will help prevent the growth of bacteria.

Next, be sure to change out the water for your flowers regularly.  Every other day is a good rule of thumb. While changing the water out, it is important to wash the vase to remove any bacteria that may have started to form.  This will keep the water fresh for your flowers.

The flower “food” or preservative packages we supply really do help with the life of the flowers.

Last, avoid putting your flowers near a fruit bowl, as fruit gives off ethylene gas which is bad for your flowers.

We hope your enjoy all your freshly cut flowers, whether those flowers are individually picked, purchased, or arranged professionally by a florist. Having your flowers look beautiful day after day brings an additional level of joy to having fresh flowers in your home.

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